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Introduction to Bluetooth Test Equipment


 Introduction to Bluetooth Test Equipment

2024-07-10 12:17:44

Bluetooth test equipment is essential for ensuring the quality and performance of Bluetooth headphones, especially as the market shifts from wired to wireless models. One advanced solution for testing Bluetooth headphones is the CRY6151B system from CRYSOUND, which offers high efficiency and convenience.

Convenient Operation: Simplifies the testing process.

High Efficiency: Capable of testing two devices simultaneously, doubling the throughput compared to traditional methods.

Comprehensive Testing: Includes Bluetooth SPK, MIC, and functional tests.

Bluetooth Speaker Test: Frequency response, total harmonic distortion, sensitivity, polarity, and signal-to-noise ratio.

Bluetooth Microphone Test: Frequency response and sensitivity.

Functional Tests: Keypad and volume tests, A2DP music test, and dual MIC ENC test.

Main Equipment: CRY6151B Electro acoustic Tester, CRY574Pro Bluetooth Dongles, CRY710 Shielding Boxes, CRY605 Mouth Simulators, and CRY711 Ear Simulators.

Optional Accessories: Silicone sound cavity, PC, test fixtures, measurement microphones, acoustic calibrators, and additional preamplifiers.

The CRY6151B Bluetooth testing system from CRYSOUND represents a leading solution in the industry, offering efficient, reliable, and comprehensive testing capabilities for Bluetooth headphones.

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Bluetooth Test Equipment