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R & D Strength

Powerful R&D Strength

Roman Technology's vice president Wang Xianbing acts as the director of the R&D department. He,a master from South China University of Technology, has been dedicated to Bluetooth technology R&D for 25 years.
The R&D department consists of 11 core personnel coming from world famous enterprises such as Hutchison Harbour Ring.China State Construction Engineering Corporaton.and Shenzhen Guowei Cesller Technology. They have been dedicated to R&D for an average of 16 years.
R&D achievements:236 core patents.Roman won the honorarytitl of the "national hi-tech enterprise"in 2014 and was enlisted into "Shenzhen's Top 100 Independent Innovation Medium and Small Enterprises" in 2015.

Certificates a
Creative Design

Creative Design

Roman's designer team consists of post-70s who have won design awards in and outside China,post-8Os with unique ideas. and post-90s with plenty of innovative ideas.With old,middle-aged,and young designers, Roman builds a leading design team in China's wireless audio industry.
Roman's design team has gone through ten years of practices and studies, not just designs.

Focusing on user experience, they integrate novelty and innovation into products. They are good at developing products and changing ordinary products to classic ones.
They are good at managing the wireless audio supply chain.By knowing customer requirements, they can precisely determine product positioning and consumer requirements.
They have undertaken over 1000 design projects and over 200 ODM/OEM design services for the company