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  • HK global sources consumer electronics show in October

    Will you come to the HK global sources consumer electronics show in October? If you attend, please contact us and welcome to visit our booth 1E14
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  • audio zoom

    The main technology of audio zoom is beamforming or spatial filtering. It can change the direction of the audio recording (that is, it senses the direction of the sound source) and adjusts it as needed. In this case, the optimal direction is a supercardioid pattern (pictured below), which enhance...
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  • BES Technology

    BES Technology will achieve an operating income of 1.765 billion yuan in 2021, a year-on-year increase of 66.36%; a net profit attributable to the parent of 408 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 105.51%; a net profit of 294 million yuan after deduction, a year-on-year increase of 71.93%; T...
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  • TWS headset function innovation will become the core selling point in the future

    Functional innovation: The innovation of TWS earphone SOC is closer to that of mobile phone SOC rather than a single functional chip. Micro-innovation of SOC will continue to emerge. The penetration rate and branding rate of TWS earphones have not yet been completed. At the same time, technologic...
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  • The working principle of Bluetooth headset can be roughly divided into four steps:

    The decoding chip in the mobile phone decodes music files such as MP3, generates a digital signal and sends it to the bluetooth headset via bluetooth. Signal. To amplify the analog signal, it is necessary to use the signal amplification chip inside the earphone. The earphone unit receives the amp...
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  • why the sound quality of Bluetooth headsets has been criticized?

    There are two reasons why the sound quality of Bluetooth headsets has been criticized: The sound quality of Bluetooth headsets has been criticized for two main reasons: When Bluetooth transmits audio data, the audio is lossy compressed, which loses the sound quality. Digital-to-analog conversion ...
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  • Talking about a few knowledge points of low-power bluetooth technology-1

    With the rapid development of the Internet of Things, Bluetooth low energy technology has been widely used, and Bluetooth low energy technology is constantly iterating, and each innovation is a new process. The impression of low-power Bluetooth technology is that it has low power consumption. In ...
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  • Proximity sensor

    Proximity sensor, also known as distance sensor, is a sensor that can detect the presence of nearby objects without contact, and is used in many fields. For TWS headphones, the proximity sensor needs to meet the market demand for high precision while meeting miniaturization. TWS earphones use pro...
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  • The penetration of TWS among consumers lies in three points

    The penetration of TWS among consumers lies in three points: a: stability, Stability benefits from the popularity of Bluetooth 5.0 and the maturity of various binaural connection solutions. b. acoustic quality, 2. Acoustic quality is also closely related to Bluetooth. Various lossless audio codin...
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  • Business New

    1.Technical Analysis of Active Noise Canceling Headphones 1.1Analysis of the working principle of active noise reduction headphones Sound is composed of a certain frequency spectrum and energy. If a sound can be found, its frequency spectrum is exactly the same as the po...
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  • Do you know what a headphone mouthpiece is?

    Do you know what a headphone mouthpiece is?

    I know if you have noticed that in addition to the sound hole, the earphones delivered by the mobile phone usually have other small holes. These small holes may seem inconspicuous, but they actually play a big role! As we all know, a small speaker is built in the earphon...
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  • Bluetooth headset not only has active noise reduction, but also has these cold noise reduction knowledge, which enthusiasts must learn at the beginning!

    Noise reduction function is very important for headphones. One is to reduce noise and avoid over amplifying the volume, so as to reduce damage to the ears. Second, filter noise to improve sound quality and call quality. Noise reduction is divided into active noise reduct...
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