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Product news

  • Advantages of bone conduction

    Advantages of bone conduction The transmission route of air conduction sound is “sound wave – auricle – external auditory canal – tympanic membrane – malleus – incus – stapes – vestibular window – external, endolymph – spiral organ ̵...
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  • principle of bone conduction-2

    Bone conduction is a method of sound conduction, that is, by converting sound into mechanical vibrations of different frequencies, sound waves are transmitted through the human skull, bone labyrinth, inner ear lymph, Corti’s organ, auditory nerve, and auditory center, and the auditory nerve...
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  • The principle and application of bone conduction

    1.What is bone conduction? The essence of sound is vibration, and the conduction of sound in the body is divided into two types, air conduction and bone conduction. Normally, hearing is produced by sound waves passing through the external auditory canal to cause the tympanic membrane to vibrate ...
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  • Coming Soon–Mono Bluetooth Headset

    Model#R908 Mono Bluetooth Headset Mode:A2DP/AVRCP/HFP Chipset: AB5616A3 V5.2 Frequency: 2.4GHz Transimit Power: Class 2 Music Time: 6.5H Talking Time: 4.5H Standby Time: 40H Charging Time:2H Model#R6300 Mono Bluetooth Headset Chipset:WT230U V5.0 Frequency: 2.4GHz Transimit Power: Class 2 Mus...
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  • Product New

    Product New

    1.What Is Low Latency, and Who Needs It? The PAU1606 chip promotes the gaming experience by reducing the delay of the game audio mode by 65ms and the microphone start up delay for intercom by 38ms. It provides a nearly “no-delay” video gaming experience for you. A common...
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  • We are happy to announce we will launch New TWS Earbuds-T321B.

    We are happy to announce we will launch New TWS Earbuds-T321B.

    We are happy to announce we will launch New TWS Earbuds-T321B. Round and Smooth. Elegant lines taken from the shape of a make up mirror, With exquisite and compact bean-shaped pearl earbuds, Giving a ritual sense of a musical feast opening. Small body. Big battery. Power...
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  • CSR Chip Introduction

    CSR8605™ is an addition to CSR’s CSR8600® family of single chip Bluetooth® ROM audio devices that targets entry level Bluetooth A2DP audio sink mono speakers. CSR8610™ is a single-chip mono headset solution with advanced echo and bi-directional noise cancellation technology targeted for low-cost ...
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  • New Design ENC TWS Bluetooth Headset

    New Design ENC TWS Bluetooth Headset

    Music and fun at fingertips:delicate and refine industrial design ENC Technology For Clear Calls : ENC enviroment noise reduction for better call quality superior call noise reduction erperience small and delicate bean-style earbuds are as light as 3g Sensitive and convenient touch control: Play...
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  • 9 reasons to tell you the necessity of wireless Bluetooth headsets

    Bluetooth headsets are not unfamiliar to many people. Whether you have used them or not, at least you have heard of them, right? There are three main types of Bluetooth headsets on the market: communication Bluetooth headset, music Bluetooth headset and sports Bluetooth ...
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  • Which People Should Wear The Neck-mounted Bluetooth Headset?

    Which People Should Wear The Neck-mounted Bluetooth Headset?

    1, a long time to sit in front of the computer office workers The advantage of the neck-wearing Bluetooth headset is that it is comfortable to wear, but also easy to hide under the collar, while the headset uses Bluetooth connection, also exempt from the cable’s bondage,...
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