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Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth 5.0 Headphones,in-Ear Earphones


Short Description:

Chipset: WT230U V5.0

Music Time:7H

Talking Time: 5H

Standby Time: 90H

Charging Time:2H

Charging box: 500 mAh

Headset battery: 60 mAh

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Sell Point:

WT230U chipset and Bluetooth 5.0 to achieve fast transmission and low consumption.

Ergonomic in-ear wear with three pairs fo difference types of ear caps comfortable and stable.

Double-click touch control, making each operation simples.

6mm custom unit PEEK biological composite clear and energetic with low distortion and better sound reproduction ability.

Smart and convenient : open the cover and connect:charging box with hall switch control power on/off function.


One-Step Pairing and Easy Touch Control: TAGRY X08 bluetooth earphones adopts hall switch. After first connection, these wireless earphones will connect with your device once you open the charging case, which is faster and more convenient.

During using, you can touch either earbud to control the phone, such as the music switch, volume adjustment, phone calls, voice assistant, etc. No need to adjust through your mobile phones.

the 500mAh charging box can fully charge two earbuds for about 6 times and a single earbuds for about 12 times, allowing music playing and call is more durable.

Simple instructions:


1. Connection: take out the left and right ears from the charging box and the phone will automatically enter the state of red and blue light flashing alternately. The phone will search the pairing name. Click connect and there will be an electronic prompt sound.

2. Previous song:Play music for 3 seconds by touching the headset (L).

3. Next song:Play music for 3 seconds by touching the headset (L).

4.Music play/pause When the earphone is playing music, the song can be paused by touching the earphone (R) twice continuously, and the song can be played by repeated operation.

5.you can double-click the headset to play music or answer incoming calls, providing the most efficient experience,when there is calling, double click on either side to answer the call, during the call, double click on either side to hang up, music time double click on either side to play/pause music.

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