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TWS Earbuds with low latency


Short Description:

Chipset: PAU1606 V5.0

Music Time: 4.5H

Talking Time: 4.5H

Standby Time: 75H

Charging Time: 2H

Charging box: 300 mAh

Headset battery: 45 mAh

Product Detail

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Sell Point:

Automatic paring after pick up and intelligent connection.

Bluetooth V5.0 , the power consumption is reduced by 30%.

True wireless to provide a smooth gaming experience without delay(A common TWS bluetooth headset has delay of above 200ms, and the hunman perceptible delay is about 100ms. the dalay is associated with the mobile phone hardware and operating system).

Freely switch between Music Mode and Gaming Mode:You can freely switch the modes between Music Mode and Gaming Mode by touching three times with the sensitive touch control.


Full Touch Control:With the Intelligent touch control, you can control music play/pause, next/previous song, answer/hang up call, game mode and music mode switching by touching the earphone sensing area.

IPX5 Water Resistant:IPX5 Waterproof efficiently protects the wireless headphones from sweat or water spraying, perfect for running, skiing, etc. (not for swimming). Bluetooth 5.0 earbuds is an ideal choice for outdoor activities.

Secure, Stable and Comfortable Fit:The ergonomic design of the TWS Gaming earbuds provides a secure ,stable and comfortable fit , so they won't slip out unexpectedly.

Delicate battery box for housing and charging the headset.



1. Take out the left (L) and right (R) headsets from the charging box. The left and right headsets automatically complete AiroStereo pairing and connection, and the indicators of headsets flash red and blue alternatively.

2.Audio transfer: During a call, long press the MFB button on the left/right channel headphone, and release until a beep is prompted. Repeat this operation to transfer the audio between your phone and headset.

3.Mute on/off: During a call, double-click the MFB key on the left or right headset. The mute function is on, accompanied by a "Mute on" voice prompt. Repeat the operation. The mute function is off, accompanied by a "Mute off" voice prompt.

4.Answering a call: When a call comes in, press the MFB button on the left/right channel headphone once. A beep is prompted.

5.Music playing/pausing: When the headset is playing music, press the MFB button on the left/right channel headphone once to pause. Repeat this operation to restart playing.

6.Enabling/Disable the low delay mode: In standby or music state, click the MFB key on the left or right headset for three times. The low delay mode is enabled, a voice prompt is played, and the indicator flashes blue. You can repeat this operation to disable the low delay mode.

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