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Single-Sided Bluetooth Wireless Headset for Mobile Device & Softphone/PC Connection


Short Description:

Chipset:BT8895B V5.0

Music Time: 8.8H

Talking Time: 4H

Standby Time: 80H

Charging Time:2H

Product Detail

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National Bluetooth Headset

Stereo music bluetooth headset, ensuring free conversation and music listening.
Top-class chip with bluetooth 4.1, ensuring stable conversation: chip with industrial advanced bluetooth 4.1 for stable signal transmission,ensuring carefree use during conference, car driving,conversation, and music listening.
Noisy conference room, intelligent noise reduction allows for HD voice call effect at any time in noisy conference room and noisy street.


Ear hook,comfortable wearing, not prone to fall off: ear hook with an ergonomic design and skin-type silicone, suitable for long-time wearing, and not prone to fall-off.
High-grade wire drawing process, showing quality and style: full black, pure white process, and surface drawing lines with wood texture, showing classical, elegant, and minimalist style.
Simple:one-key control with extremely simplified operation, power on, paring, play, pause,calls answering, calls hang-up, last number redial,and power-off.

Simple operation

Connecting:Turn on your mobile phone"s Bluetooth to search for the Bluetooth headset, find ""TellurVox 55··, select it and input password 0000 if needed (if the Bluetooth version is V2.1 or higher, no need to input the password). choose headset service to connect successfully. 


Answer a call: For an incoming call, some headsets have the TONENibration/ buzzer tone/voice prompt/telephone number prompt, just press the MFB key shortly to enter Talking mode when hearing the buzzer tone.
Answer a call: click MFB, there will be a beeping sound accompanied by a voice prompt of "End of call"


Reject a call: long press the MFB button for about 1 second, there will be a beeping sound accompanied by "refuse to answer" voice prompt.
Music play/pause: Click the MFB button once to pause the music and repeat the operation once to play the music.

Three-party Calling

When on a call and a second call comes in, press MFB button once to end the current Call IA) and receive the Call.
1B); Long press MFB button 3 seconds to reject Call I Bl and continue with Call IA) if you do not want to answer Call lB). When on the phone and a new call comes in, press the MFB button twice to switch Call IA) and Call !Bl in two-way. communication. Long press MFB 1 second to hold on the current Call IA) and receive Call I Bl. Press M FB button 1 second again to recover Call IA). !Some of the headsets do not support).


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